About Us

about us

Accounting is a discipline that practice with entry, classification, interpretation and communication of financial information. Practitioners are called accountants. The accountant work should be based on national accounting standards (US GAAP, General Accepted Accounting Principles), International Accounting Standards (IAS-International Accounting Standards) and others. Anyone who is involved in an economic activities is obliged to keep records according to international standards.

about us

Our business is primarily oriented to build long term business relationships with our clients, gaining complete trust and mutual understanding on a partnership basis. Our commitment in problem solving, regardless of their complexity, with continuous learning and development of knowledge and skills, aims to become the ideal partner in supporting and promoting the work of our clients.

To reach our goals, we demand several principles from our employees: professionalism, courtesy, accuracy and knowledge. However, we believe that it is not enough only for us to be informed, it is just as important for our customers. In order to reach the necessary information, here will be presented articles in the field of current economic, accounting, tax and legal issues.

The basic approach of the Vidmar Company work is maximum liability to the customer, which allows not only services with the highest quality, but preferably to acquire Vidmar Company as a permanent business advisor.

His goal - your successful business, Vidmar Company achieve through realization of individual consultations.